Jan 092013


{abstrakt} is a collective of underground house & techno artist’s from all over the world taking place at PLUSH in Austin Tx every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month.

This week Friday Jan 11 Harmonious Discord label release feat:

Joshua Kynd Grin Tech / Rocket Lab / Harmonious Discord [Dallas]

Ill76 Harmonious Discord / IllMatic / Deepness [Dallas]

Pointbender Harmonious Discord / Thoughtless / BLAQ [ATX]

Plush Bar ATX

617 Red River

Cover: Free

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Dec 192012


530Techno, Harmonious Discord & The Deep North
……………………. PRESENT ……………………..


Video of event:

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Nov 122012



Los sellos independientes de México se siguen uniendo bajo CatálogoMX, espacio por medio del cual un buen número de plataformas del país que trabajan en estilos de los más heterogéneos dentro de la música electrónica, han decidido aunar fuerzas y hacer que la fiesta musical se vuelva más grande y trascendente. Y esto no es poco, por que ya de por sí varios de los sellos que forman parte de este emprendimiento estaban teniendo buena repercusión en México y el mundo, así que la suma es potente.

Entre varias actividades que están realizando, como por ejemplo presentaciones mezclando artistas de los diferentes sellos, están lanzando compilaciones. Hoy les compartimos la segunda, la “CatalogoMX 001″ (la anterior fue la 00), compuesta por el extraordinario número de 37 tracks, en estilos variados, como house, tech house, bass, post dubstep, ambient, downtempo, neo hip hop, disco house, techno, deep, 2 step, techno dub, IDM, neo juke house, minimal techno y jungle. La lista de los artistas y sellos es la siguiente: Bidi Clan (Bust A Dub), Yesco (Electrique Music), Dromme, Delia Ros & Raul Deval (Disclosure Crew), Gog y Yeyo (Louder Music), Christian Orlo (Dialtone Records), Nale Garcia, Juan Moreno (Ruter Netlabel), Teruel (Kreativa Records), Pinto & The Midnight Perverts, Yapacc (Neim), Lokier (Disque Discos), Marcelo Nassi (Infra Dig Records), Man Cor (Greenbeat Records), Lunar Sound (Undergroove Music), Mild Bang & Phonik (Xood Records), Pointbender, Ivan Dbri (Pantamuzik), Mr. Capman featuring Calvin Flame (Thirteen Moons Recordings), Alberto Beltra (Low Mute), Machino (Static Discos), Criss Narvaez (Central Dogma), Omar Labastida (Jet Alone), Bang Technologies (Sounds Of Earth), Alberto Santizzo (Nonpop Records), Val N Sky (Blaqnet), Totore (Triplet), Dirty Ganesh (Get It On Records), Wyno (Lowers Netlabel), Mokujin (Blaq Records), Lao (Extasis Records), Mixedfuckedup (Nucleo Roto), Proter Cahedro (WOS), Rifhes, Cesped (Techkilla), Isaac Maya ft Daddy Freddy (Lo Frequency), Dfender (Soulridaz), Daniel Klauser & Douster (NAAFI), Canoooooopy (PIRA.MD Records), Signal Deluxe (Abolipop Record), Kommodor (Suplex), Signal Deluxe (S3N53S).
Como ven, una apuesta fuerte.
El texto con el que lo están promoviendo aclara más que bien el objetivo: “Catálogo Mx lanza el compilado 001, donde ahora 37 disqueras mexicanas se reúnen con varios objetivos. Uno es traspasar las fronteras musicales ofreciendo a la gente un catálogo con una gran diversidad de géneros y subgéneros experimentales y electrónicos existentes, abriendo opciones y ampliando su conocimiento acerca de ellos.
Pero el mas importante sin duda es transmitir el mensaje de unidad y colaboración que mucho hace falta en estos tiempos locos y violentos, donde reina el individualismo y egocentrismo. Aquí se deja a un lado eso para dar paso a algo mas importante que un interés individual, y se pone manos a la obra en el trabajo colectivo, el cual es el único camino al progreso y revolución, no solo de México, si no de la humanidad. Esperamos este compilado sea de su agrado y les aporte algo mas.”
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Aug 242012

I am excited to announce 2 new PointBender projects have been featured on the latest compilation by 530Techno.

D.I.Y. record labels have transformed and multiplied into something far cooler, less bottom line driven; more like a curated tour through the label founder’s mind. Sometimes these excursions are dull, unfocused, or even worse – hopelessly pandering to a commercial audience that doesn’t even exist. Others seem to understand the artform and have driven it to new heights, so while some may talk of pop stars choking out the little guy in America’s suddenly very lucrative dance music market, it’s been these countless unsung heroes from the underground who have built the backbone of this much larger success.

One of the more exciting stories rising up from these depths in the past year has been that of 530Techno, the tenacious little upstart label of Northern California DJ/producer Symbio. Divorced from all influences other than those from so afar they seem foggy and nearly inscrutable and those nearby, a mish-mash of the juvenile radio-friendly pabulum and past tense musics that foreigners are constantly berating the US dance music scene for in one media diatribe after another these days.

To stand alone is a difficult thing, no safety in numbers, just self-reliance and a will to survive and prosper no matter what. In the face of such adversity, 530Techno has not only survived but thrived with crucial tracks and remixes from a broad stroke of well-known talents all over the world and even back home in the remote 530 (area code). Many of the top international DJs have supported the label at one time or another with DJ charts, radio mixes, and podcasts – the love has definitely been there since day one for the little label that could – it’s been a humbling experience, to say the least, and now one worthy of a little celebration.

Lateral Excursions 01 explores the philosophical aspect of the label – the Zen koan – lateral thought. There is a sense of “knowing”, both body and mind, that is expressed between these grooves on this compilation. These tracks are all unreleased, alternate remixes culled from the labels biggest releases of the past year – Angel Alanis. Chris Fortier, Ivan Dbri & Wirik, JAK & LilRoj, Jon McMillon, Pointbender, and Sishi Rösch all representing the established, Local artists are also well-represented in the likes Daxophonics, Lady Blacktronika, Oilpanic, Stunp, Symbio, and the enigmatic Ribbon Tweeter Worship. There is even a lone newcomer from Poland, REP-CAK, who is about as lateral thought as an artist can get.

This is a gift, a thanks for your support, and the perfect way to kick off year two for such an exciting label.

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Jun 292012



Pantamuzik is Blaq Records sister label, a housier more dancefloor oriented output but still in search of music with personality, music that tells a story that has passion… Ivan is exactly that, a young, fresh passionate artist, he’s been around for a while working hard in his studio, promoting his scene in Calgary and simply learning from his own craft we have collaborated in the past he is part of the Blaq records crew and we have a few things coming from our dear friend Ivan in the near future this is his first ep for Pantamuzik, and we simply love it, 3 original tracks that go straight to business working that funk sexy house jams vocal samples and lots of glam and glitter up on this tracks Remixes are off the hook as well we got all time heroe House master Jay Tripwire!! Jay has been one of our favorite house producers for over a decade now we have been playing his music for so long it is a dream come true to have him on board for this release Pointbender is a good friend of us, owner of Harmonious Discord also sharing some love for this release Sakro is a good friend fromAguascalientes, with a serious string of releases under his belt we are happy to have him on board Lila D. is Valeria’s solo project, she is the head of Pantamuzik now, running the whole operation with love and passion, she drops a remix for her dear friend Ivan Dbri enjoy this release and have great summer!!

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