Oct 252013


Loop 1 Music returns with the second installment of Cirque Lunaire at the Crown Events Center. We will be releasing information in multiple phases up until the event with surprises on each release.

$10 Tickets (SOLD OUT)
$15 Tickets (ON SALE)
$20 Tickets
$25 Tickets


Doors will be from 8pm – 4am

brought to you by:
System 7 and Smile ATX

Sound: Nomad Sound
Lighting: Element Systems
Deco: Art Seen Alliance

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Apr 192013


Harmonious Discord 034 KiloWatts – Windsong Remixes **OUT NOW**

Mastered by Brad Dale

Jamie Watts aka KiloWatts has a long tenure and impressive body of work contributed to the Harmonious Discord imprint. He has been an integral component to the shaping of our sound over the years and we have in turn watched him become a household name for deep, mind-altering compositions. KiloWatts first appeared on the HD label with a glitched out breaky contribution to our 5th release in early 2004. Since then he has been featured in 3 artist ep’s, 2 remixes, and 1 sampler contribution.

It was to our extreme delight when we heard in early 2012 that KiloWatts was planning on releasing a year long project album focused on a return to his roots as a piano virtuoso. The project first appeared in Kickstarter campaign with a teaser video (see below) and was titled “Acceptitude”. The fans amassed and not only helped Jamie reach his goal but shatter his projections. It is this type of organic fan connection that makes us love artists like KiloWatts.

To celebrate our love for the album we chose one of our favorite tracks. “Windsong” is a hypnotic dream sequence blown away by brisk winds of change. It mixes precise sonic definition with happy accidents in time and space. We enlisted a couple of great artists to present their spin on this selection. Ill76, Vital, and label boss PointBender all bring their unique style to the remix project and with the inclusion of an exclusive new KiloWatts tune this release is guaranteed to bring a fresh breathe to the tech landscape.

Harmonious Discord 034 KiloWatts – Windsong Remixes

1. Windsong

2. Windsong (Vital Remix)

3. Windsong (Ill76 Remix)

4. End of Year (PointBender Remix)

5. Three’s Threes

The original over-arching theme to the “Acceptitude” album was to use a live piano to create musical compositions and marry them with electronic synthesis, effects, and technology manipulation. This created a colliding of analog and digital worlds to create a mosaic of emotions that can only be conveyed by partnering the unpredictability and warmth of analog instruments and the precision and control of a digital environment. These themes dance in and out of the album and regardless of what bpm or genre of music that you are currently on KiloWatts stays true to the methodology throughout. Nestled in the middle of the album is a track with gobs of organic dissonance while keeping a structure that is dance-floor friendly. Windsong mixes romantic piano melodies with middle eastern sounding digital synth manipulations. All are swept into a flurry of delay and reverb washes that increase in intensity and complexity. Our label resident half-step czar, Vital returns to the label with a deep 4/4 rendition of the original. Vital takes the original into late night jazz territory. The calm atmospheres and melodic stabs seem to have a hazey quality as they dance between slowly building percussive elements. This late night excursion intensifies with open hats and introductions of the original piano melody. Following the success of his recent contribution the yearly Discordian Dreaming Sampler, Ill76 is back to showcase a dubbed out warehouse techno tune. He takes a minimal approach keeping the late night attitude in focus with giant sounding dub sweeps and swung percussion that sounds like a mess of fall leaves being shuffled. The introduction of a sharp analog bass-line staples this pieces place in the deep underground. Label front-man PointBender in his infinite defiance decides to pick another hot selection from the “Acceptitude” album and provides a huge space techno revision of the song “End of Year”. PointBender’s take uses the melodic elements but in a techno friendly cadence with real club presence. Short mirrored glitches and big FM bass make this remix stand out among the house standards. We close this project with a very special exclusive contribution from KiloWatts in the form of a breaky/melodic song that you would be hard pressed to identify with any genre. This is what Jamie does best, bend the rules of historic genre classification, and this is why we look forward to many collaborations with him.

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Jan 092013


{abstrakt} is a collective of underground house & techno artist’s from all over the world taking place at PLUSH in Austin Tx every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month.

This week Friday Jan 11 Harmonious Discord label release feat:

Joshua Kynd Grin Tech / Rocket Lab / Harmonious Discord [Dallas]

Ill76 Harmonious Discord / IllMatic / Deepness [Dallas]

Pointbender Harmonious Discord / Thoughtless / BLAQ [ATX]

Plush Bar ATX

617 Red River

Cover: Free

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